Blairstown Campus Programs

Our 263-acre Blairstown Campus in the northwest corner of New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap is a full service experiential education center. Experiential Education is based on the belief that people learn best when they directly participate in an experience and have the opportunity to reflect on it. PBC facilitators use adventure-based programming in small groups to create opportunities for mistakes, success, cooperation and contemplation, all to promote learning experiences that can be transferred back to the personal and academic lives of participants.

PBC’s highest priority is the physical and emotional safety of our participants. How do we ensure the safety of participants?

Challenge By Choice teaches participants appropriate risk-taking and decision-making techniques to face new challenges. PBC facilitators respect and recognize individual challenge levels, and our programs give participants the opportunity to stretch their comfort zones in a safe way with the support of their peers and our staff.

Full-Value Contracts are created by each small group with its facilitator. The contracts provide an opportunity for students to define how they want to work as a group. They help students identify the positive behaviors and skills required by the group to meet challenges successfully.

Facilitators have the equipment, training, professional certifications, and good judgment to safely facilitate our activities. PBC facilitators are trained to assess each group’s ability so they can provide appropriate challenges to meet those needs.

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