Social Emotional Learning Programs

The Princeton-Blairstown Center's School-Based Programs were launched in 2006 as part of the Board of Trustee's commitment to deeper partnerships and evidence-based results.  Led by trained social workers and youth development specialists, the school-based programs are currently housed in our partner school Global Neighborhood Secondary School (GNSS) in East Harlem, NY.

The program and a Site Coordinator are housed in each of the partner schools.  The Site Coordinator leads weekly leadership and social emotional learning classes throughout the school year, offers academic advisement and behavioral counseling and accompanies students on trips to the Blairstown Campus two to three times a year for intensive multi-day leadership training workshops.  Students participating in the School-Based Programs also visit Princeton University for a Campus Expedition each year to learn more about college life.

Features of the School-Based Curriculum include:

  • Stress reduction and calming techniques;
  • Behavioral plans;
  • Teamwork, critical thinking and decision-making skills;
  • Academic goal setting and support; and
  • Job readiness skills.

According to a MSW intern based with a PBC School-Based program:

"In my opinion, the most important support we provide to the students is an open door to the beautiful PBC office, where a student can “let go” of the daunting problems he or she faces.  All day, students will come in upset, angry, or distraught, and can quickly work it through, or schedule an appointment.  The students have a safe haven in our office."