Our Mission

PBC seeks to transform the lives of vulnerable young people through integrated experiential and adventure-based programming in schools and at our outdoor campus.

We collaborate with schools, university partners, and community-based agencies to develop in youth deepened self-awareness, responsible decision-making, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Our Vision

We strive for a future in which young people exhibit personal resilience and compassion, embrace expanded possibilities for their lives, and enact positive change within their communities and the world.

Our Core Values


We believe that powerful experiences in the lives of young people, in a wilderness setting or otherwise away from the patterns and distractions of their everyday physical, emotional, and social environments, can be fundamentally transforming, opening them to their individual potential and to previously unimagined possibilities and capacities.


We maintain that effective work is best carried out through deep and respectful collaboration around a shared vision and purpose that draws upon the experience, expertise, and wisdom of all involved.


We hold that connecting deeply with others and the natural environment promotes a deeper sense of responsibility to oneself, to one’s community, and the spaces we occupy.

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