Restoration is the name we use at Princeton-Blairstown Center for taking care of what we have. Restoration reflects our beliefs that:

  1. We should be good stewards of our resources.
  2. It is the responsibility of every individual to be aware of and accountable

for the impact that we have on our surroundings.

We choose the word restoration not as a euphemism, but as a reminder that we are all responsible for our actions. We promote restorations as an extension of our environmental ethics and hope that participants at Princeton-Blairstown Center will be able to apply the restoration experience to the world outside of Blairstown and learn to make sound choices about how they relate to the environment.

All participants take part in restorations. What follows are detailed descriptions of typical restorations that our facilitators will lead the group through with the assistance of the chaperones. We encourage you to clearly communicate this process with chaperones and participants.

George Reeves Dining Hall Restoration

Gloves are provided.

  • Wash all tables including serving tables and sanitize
  • Remove all unnecessary tables and chairs
  • Move all remaining chairs from tables
  • Sweep floors and replace chairs
  • Take out all dining room garbage (including bathroom garbage)
  • Check recycling area outside Egner Lodge
  • Take out compost
  • Check and straighten bathrooms


  1. Remove all belongings
  2. Sweep out cabins
  3. Sweep porch and steps
  4. Empty trash, bring to dumpster, reline trash can
  5. Restock firewood, kindling, cardboard, and matches
  6. Pick up trash around cabin & under porch
  7. Close and lock all windows, close doors of stove, & make sure lights are off

Inventory: 1 broom, 1 dustpan, 1 charged fire extinguisher, mattresses for each bed, 1 trash bucket, directions for stove use, wood, kindling, cardboard, matches


Gloves are provided.

  1. Wipe counters – Spic and Span and GREEN sponge
  2. Pick up any trash on floor
  3. Clean inside and out side of toilets –
  4. Spic and Span and YELLOW sponge and toilet sponge.
  5. Wipe down mirrors –Mirror Cleaner and paper towel
  6. Wipe down shower stoles – Spic and Span and GREEN sponge
  7. Take out trash and replace the bag.
  8. Sweep floor
  9. Mop floor – Spic and Span and Mops
  10. Check the recycling center outside

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