School-Based Programs

PBC’s evidence-based programs engage the whole child – socially, academically and emotionally.  The curriculum was designed in collaboration with Project Adventure, a leader in the international adventure learning movement.  Our curriculum is a multi-year program that focuses on middle and high school students in collaboration with urban schools and centers on building school climate and culture and preventing students from dropping out of school.  PBC has developed deep school-based partnerships since 2006 and has been providing adventure-based learning at our 263-acre Blairstown Campus since the 1970s.

PBC School-Based Programs use an experiential education methodology that focuses on:

  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) that facilitates students developing a sense of belonging and engagement in a safe and healthy environment;
  • Positive peer support through weekly group meetings led by highly trained, embedded, masters level social workers;
  • Leadership and teambuilding skills development through three to four progressively longer visits to our Blairstown Campus;
  • Exposure to college through one college campus trip through our Campus Expeditions Program; and
  • Academic advisement, case management, clinical support, individual counseling and attendance outreach that fosters high expectations, pride in success and a culture of learning that allows participants to set and achieve personal goals, problem solve and accept challenges.

PBC’s experiential curriculum is designed to engage students in activities that build community, develop leadership skills, teach conflict resolution strategies and practice setting and accomplishing goals. PBC also provides professional development opportunities at our Blairstown Campus for teachers and school staff that can be custom designed for each group to focus on creating a positive school climate, leadership development and team building, youth development and asset building, diversity, SEL and communication.

PBC’s School-Based Partners Include:

  • Global Neighborhood Secondary School – New York City
  • Rivera Middle School – Trenton
  • Trenton Central High School – West Campus

Our School-Based Programs focus on measurable short- and long-term outcomes through pre- and post-student surveys and continual monitoring of progress through report cards, absences, tardiness, behavioral infractions, suspensions and progress during group and individual sessions.  All of this data is tracked so PBC staff and board members can utilize data to measure outcomes that in form our work and lead to continuous program improvements.

PBC’s School-Based Program Objectives Include:

  • Development of leadership and EQ (Emotional Quotient/Emotional Intelligence) skills through social and emotional learning curriculum;
  • On-time credit accumulation throughout the year;
  • Articulation to the next grade at the end of the school year;
  • On-time middle or high school graduation; and
  • Family involvement.

Additional Information

The kind of learning that PBC promotes in the classroom is based on the principles of social and emotional learning. In December of 2008, the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) found that “[Social Emotional Learning] programs yielded multiple benefits…and were effective in both school and after-school settings and for students with and without behavioral and emotional problems”.

Additional information on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) core skills objectives and sample activities for year one can be found here.

To discuss opportunities for a multi-year school-based program in your community, please contact Pam Gregory at or 609-921-0252.

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