For over 100 years, the Princeton-Blairstown Center has provided adventure-based, experiential education to at-risk urban youth. What began in 1908 as a summer camp run by Princeton University students and faculty has evolved into a wide variety of year-round programs serving over 6,000 young people from the Mid-Atlantic states.

As a leader in social emotional learning, the Princeton-Blairstown Center offers vulnerable young people the opportunity to leave distractions behind and to build bonds, self-confidence, and leadership skills through unique, adventure-based experiences and personal challenges.

Whether working with our social emotional learning team in a school or with a group of enthusiastic adventure facilitators, students feel supported, empowered, and inspired to change their behaviors and futures for the better.

Generous donors, leadership, staff, partners, and friends have made Princeton-Blairstown Center's challenging work a success throughout our 107-year history. Learn more, and join them!