What We Do and Why

Princeton-Blairstown Center's social emotional learning programs promote community and help participants strengthen the creative problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary for success in the 21st century.  Our experiential education facility and staff provide participants with the opportunity to try new things and empower students to connect personal actions with the effects they have on their academic and personal lives.

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Adventure-Based Learning - Why We Love It!

What is adventure-based learning and why does it matter?  The Blairstown Campus - 264 acres of pristine wilderness in the Delaware Water Gap of New Jersey - provides both physical and intellectual challenges to bring out the best in young people! Solving problems collaboratively provides opportunities for leadership, teamwork, cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolution.  

When a challenge is successfully overcome, Princeton-Blairstown Center's skilled facilitators take the opportunity to reflect with participants on the problem-solving process to provide students with tools they can take back to the classroom or the streets of their neighborhoods to approach real-life challenges. Former Site Coordinator Jessica Keels, LMSW, talked about the transference of these lessons back to Trenton Central High West. A student who struggled to overcome his fear of climbing high up a tree, walking across a log, or rappelling down a dam makes the link that he can overcome his challenges in algebra by “sticking with it, asking peers and his teacher for help and encouragement, and believing that he can master it.”

The facilitator's role gives young people the support they need to believe in their abilities!  Through group discussion, idea-sharing, and encouragement, students believe they can overcome perceived limitations and as a result, succeed in rappelling down the dam, climbing the rock wall, or camping overnight along the hiking trail.

All of our adventure-based programs emphasize safety first. To learn more about our approach, read our Full Value Contract and Challenge by Choice information.


For groups that work primarily with youth from low-income communities, our base rate is $70 per person, per night and our day rate is $60 per person.  For all other groups, our base rate is $98 per person per night and our day rate is $75 per person.  Overnight packages include food (lunch and dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast on the day of departure), overnight accommodations, facilities, and programming.  Day packages include food (lunch), facilities, and programming.

We have a limited number of scholarships which are available only to groups serving youth from low-income communities.  These Egner Scholarships are awarded periodically based on a number of factors including financial need, the alignment of the awardee with our mission statement, and the opportunity for the Princeton-Blairstown Center to build a strong, on-going relationship with the school or organization.

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For specific pricing and available dates, please contact Pat Karl at pkarl@princetonblairstown.org or at 908-362-6765, ext. 1.

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